Block of the Month -- July, 2003

Let's celebrate the Fourth of July.
Block Size -- 12" finished (12½" with seam allowance)

July Block of the Month -- Spinner  
Small red print:
Cut four 3½" squares
Cut four 3 7/8" squares
Navy blue print:
Cut four 3 7/8" squares
White tone-on-tone print:
Cut four 3½" squares
With right sides together, pin one 3 7/8" red square and one 3 7/8" blue square together, draw a line down the center from opposite corners, stitch ¼" on both sides of the line and then cut on the line drawn between the stitches.
Do the same for the other large red and blue squares.
Looking at the top row of the sample, correctly pin the squares together and stitch. Stitch the remaining rows as seen. Then stitch the rows together.

Keep in mind:
Use 100 % cotton fabrics for the block.
Wash the fabrics before cutting the quilt pattern. Do not use fabrics that bleed or run.
Stitch all seams ¼".
Press seams toward the dark fabric unless the pattern dictates otherwise.

Tip of the Month -- To protect quilting fingers from soreness, use a layer of making or adhesive tape.

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