Wedding Band Trends In 2019

It is an undeniable fact that that fashion and jewellery are few of the things that will be changing constantly in trends. What was in trend yesterday would not be in trend tomorrow. There are lots of designers who are coming up with new concepts and designs which are gaining a lot of popularity.

Jewellery, in particular, has gone through a lot of makeovers. Preferences of people have changed drastically. There are good possibilities that you might have noticed that women wear different kinds of jewellery at different times. In this article, we will see wedding band trends in 2019.


Oval Stones

When it comes to wedding bands, the most happening trend is the oval stones. Oval stones are gaining a lot of popularity, and it is actually giving a very tough fight and competition for the rest of the cuts. For many years princess cut and cushion cut were the most preferred ones. They actually had absolute dominance. The oval stones actually more visual appeal when compared to the rest. The large fact and good reflecting facets are some of the main reasons for the major shift.

Intertwined Bands

We all know for a fact that for many years, wedding bands were plain with a smooth finish or rough finish. It is generally made out of s single piece. In a wedding band, there will not be many designs except for the name that is engraved on them. But now people are going for intertwined bands. As the name states, it is not like traditional plain bands. The design of these intertwined bands looks like two to three bands twined with each other. The designers need to be appreciated for coming up with an amazing design.

More colour

Generally, people tend to choose either gold or platinum as the metal and plain color stones. Even now, most of the people are continuing to do the same. But the latest trend is opting for different colors in both metals and stones. Some people get inspired by certain things, and hence they tend to apply those things in their wedding bands. One of the most common in this aspect is the vintage designs.


In most of the cases, the engraving on the rings will be the names of the bride and the groom. But today, people are going above and beyond to choose different kinds of engraving. They are choosing different things like quotes, the day of the wedding or the day that they met and a lot of other things.  Since most of the engravings are computerized, it does not matter whether the design is simple or complicated. The complexity of the design is never an issue for brands like Men’s Wedding Bands company. They are capable of designing the most complex ones.

Repurposed Vintage

Another popular trend is repurposing vintage designs into modern designs. It can that is related to family traditions or something new can be created from scratch. The perfect blend of antique design with modern techniques gives unbelievable results.