Halloween design ideas for pro quilters: make a quilt that will impress

Quilters are always in search of designing something unique and creative for their customers. Quilt designing is some kind of art that requires a lot of effort and hard work. Expert quilters follow different trends to create some unique designs.

The competition has increased a lot in this industry, therefore, you need to bring new ideas every day otherwise, you won’t get enough customers as compared to those who are struggling to find the incredible ideas.

As we’ve mentioned before that expert quilters keep following new trends so that the customers may get attracted to their work.

Similarly, you can also take advantage of this habit by designing something that is according to the latest trend. You can even design the quilts according to the festivals that are celebrated in your country.

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals that are celebrated all around the world. The Halloween is on its way so why don’t you try to design something according to the Halloween so that people may get attracted to your artwork.

This will not only help you sell your designs locally but you’ll also get lots of orders from other countries.

The best way to display your designs to the customers is to put them on the most popular online stores like Amazon and eBay. There are lots of people who are in search of trying something new on the Halloween so that they can inspire their guests.

Your innovation this year would definitely get lots of hits. Let’s take a look at some of the design ideas you can apply to the quilts.

Scary creatures

You can draw several scary creatures on the quilt to represent them as an inspiration of Halloween. Pumpkin is one of the major symbols of Halloween so you can draw a single giant pumpkin on the entire cloth or you can also draw the face of pumpkins in small blocks. You can also choose to draw the witch, cat, eyes and many other scary creatures.

One thing you need to focus on is the color combination because the color combination matters a lot when it comes to design a quilt.

Skeletons and dead bodies

Skeletons and dead bodies are also the symbols of Halloween because it is a concept of most of the nations that the spirits of dead people come to the earth on Halloween.

You can choose to draw the Real Dead Body Displays for Halloween quilts or you can also draw the skeletons on the quilts.

In both the cases, you need to focus on bringing a realistic look to your design because people will only get attracted to your work if it appears to be realistic.

Patches of Halloween costumes


You can also use the patches of several Halloween costumes to bring a new look to your design. Halloween is all about fun and entertainment so the customers would definitely appreciate this effort.