How to clean and iron your quilt

Good news for all the quilt lovers – you’re about to find out how to clean and iron your quilt in an efficient and stress-free way!

Quilts are unique in its appearance, and many of them are designed not just to pay the respect to the tradition, but also to reflect owner’s sense of authenticity and style.

With these simple steps, you’ll learn how to keep your quilt clean from day one.

Before washing

best steam irons available hereCleaning a quilt is not an easy task, but it can be mastered if you follow a simple set of principles that will keep the fabric safe. The first step is to check out the care tag on the quilt. How obvious, right? Unfortunately, most people forget that a care card contains the cleaning instructions for the quilt, which results in the wrong way of cleaning this piece of clothing.

However, if the care tag is not provided, then you probably need a deeper inspection. For example, quilts with embellishments are not the best candidate for being washed in the washing machine. Therefore, you need to wash them by hand. Soak them in mild water and add a detergent for gentle washing.

On the other hand, quilts that are vividly colored also need particular attention to keep the colors strong and sharp. To avoid bleeding of the colours, do this simple test: soak a piece of white cotton fabric into the hot water. Choose the most saturated place on the quilt and rub it with the white fabric to see if the color comes off. In case it does, you need a color catcher product before you put the quilt in the washing machine.   

Iron or no iron?

Once you’ve resolved how to wash a quilt properly, the next big thing is to figure out whether you should iron a quilt or not. Most people will choose no ironing option, to prevent the material from damaging or creating sharp lines on the surface of the quilt.

The alternative to ironing is a steam iron. Steam can be helpful with stretching the quilt blocks and keeping the fabric undamaged. However, some quilters would disagree on using the steam iron for maintaining quilts.

The advantages of using a steam iron instead of a regular iron are that it’s gentle on the fabric. By using the steam with care, you will manage to stretch the fabric safely.

However, steam can also damage the color of your fabric, leaving stains all over the quilt. In case you haven’t checked whether the color will bleed or not, this can be an unpleasant steam irons available here

How to use a steam iron?

There are dozens of different steam irons on the market. Some of the best steam irons available are used with the minimum of water to produce the maximum steam, saving you the time for rolling the quilt. Follow the instructions on using a steam iron and keep the steam shortly on the top of the fabric. Fold the fabric with your fingers and then apply the iron.